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    Satya K Newbie

      Is the height of pulldown menu of rich:comboBox  based on the items in the comboBox?


      Coz in my UI, if pulldown has 30 items then height of menu will be around 40px and if there are only 5 items, then


      height of menu will be only 10px where I even cant see all the items available in menu.


      Class applied to the <div> which contains <span> elements is: rich.combobox-list-scroll.


      Should I set the height manually or any alternative so that menu always displays all items.




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          Satya K Newbie

          I was able to solve this by removing a empty selectItem tag which was used for displaying default value.


          I had something like :



               <f:selectItem>Select a val<f:selectItem>

               <f:selectItems />



          Thanks all for your help.