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    Calling JBPM with process name instead of ID

    Johannes Krämer Newbie



      I'm using JBoss ESB 4.8 with the integated JBPM runtime and deployed on JBoss 5.1.0 GA. I've created a JBPM process named "process1" and an ESB configuration that defines a service which starts process1 (see below for excerpts).


      It runs fine if I use the attribute "process-definition-id" together with the ID of the deployed process. But as this ID changes with every re-deployment, I would rather call it via the name of the process ("process1"). So I switched from "process-definition-id" to "processdefinition" and set the attribute value to "process1".

      But after this change it doesn't work anymore. The process is not executed and I only get a warning telling me:

      No fault address defined for fault message! To: InVMEpr [ PortReference < <wsa:Address invm://54657374242424242424242424242424546573745365727669636533/false?false#10000/>, <wsa:ReferenceProperties jbossesb:passByValue : false/> > ] MessageID: e6dc8978-95e4-409c-b2e0-32f030a3cce5


      Can anyone tell me, what I am doing wrong?


      Kind regards

      Johannes Krämer




      The process definition:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <process-definition name="process1">


      The ESB service:

      <service category="Test" description="The third Test Service"
        invmScope="GLOBAL" name="TestService3">
        <actions mep="OneWay">
          <action class="org.jboss.soa.esb.services.jbpm.actions.BpmProcessor" name="jBPM">
            <property name="command" value="StartProcessInstanceCommand"/>
            <property name="processdefinition" value="process1"/>
            <property name="esbToBpmVars">
              <mapping bpm="jbpmVar1" esb="var1"/>
              <mapping bpm="jbpmVar2" esb="var2"/>