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    *Edited* Maybe a bug with filtered queues?

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      Im using HornetQ 2.1.1 integrated on AS 5.1. I have 7queues. But i've got a problem with my two last value queues.

      They are setted up to block and rest of values are on default (except connectionfactory timeouts increased, its default*3).

      There is no paging involved, and jboss has -Xmx property on 1.5gb of memory. (uses around 800mb according to windows task manager).

      Also there is no heavy cpu/memory cpu usage on server. Its just that my process becomes slow when i use last value queues (work fine on other).



      Ther issue, but a normal single queue, but filter messages via Type='0' and Type='1'. Cpu usage goes 99% on the server and it becomes unresponsive (old jboss messaging wont go over 10%). It keeps 99% usage even after empying queues and killing all clients (bug?). I can avoid it using two queues instead of filtering because of two types.






      PC Information:


      Virtual machine with one Xeon's 2'4ghz "single core" and 2.5gb reserved ram. on SCSI disk, i dont know much more about hardware. Using remote desktop. Network... its a corporate network, but all the virtual-machines (database, clients and queue's server) are in the same real machine.






      Thanks for your help, and excuse my "name", thought nickname was showing.