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    RichFaces and Google AppEngine questions

    Mikael Andersson Master


      I'm a long time RichFaces user who've just started toying around with google appengine (gae) for java.

      Read somewhere that due to RichFaces using some SDK image manipulation classes like ImageIO it won't work on gae.

      I wonder if :

      1. There is a way of getting around this, like using a plain skin which never invokes that code.

      2. Are you investigating possibilities of getting RichFaces to work with gae? Like a context parameter that disables the parts violating gae restrictions.

      3. If only using the Ajax4JSF part, will that work when deploying to gae?

      Would be great if RichFaces could be used with gae, now that I can't use it I realize how much I depend on it :)

      Many thanks,