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    Cloning and ItemExistsException Question

    Kurt Stam Master

      Hi guys,


      When I clone an item in a workspace to a different destination then its source, then I am not expecting a ItemExistsException, but I am getting:


      javax.jcr.ItemExistsException: A node with UUID "65b5f638-a452-4d14-906c-7f88d9303721" already exists at path "/ns001:repository/ns001:package_area/globalArea/assets/testAddRuleItemFromGlobalAreaRuleItem" in workspace ""


      when executing: workspace.clone(workspace.getName(), globalAssetItem.getNode().getPath(), path, false);


      The value of 'path' is:




      which is different from the srcPath, which is the path mentioned in the exception.


      What am I doing wrong here, or is this a bug? I'm using ModeShape 2.0.0.Final.






      for the complete source code see the 'addAssetImportedFromGlobalArea' test: