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    Help needed for Jboss 4.0.5 GA Clustering with Load Balacing

    G Gnanaguru Newbie



      I have a requirement to create Jboss Clustering, on Jboss 4.0.5 GA, which doesnt need to perform Singleton or failover.


      well i have followed the jboss documents and few books for reference with which i have created 3 nodes, on same machine (Vertical Cluster), and i can see that the all the nodes are responding to each other during startup below are the node ip details,



      node1 :       port : 80

      node 2:       port : 80 

      node 3:       port : 80


      partitionname  : Testcluster


      now this shows that i have finished the cluster part, now when trying to access the the cluster nodes i can access them individually through their binded ip address.


      but  now i heard that these nodes must be called through a single ip, like a cluster manager IP, by calling or accessing the clustrr manager ip


      the nodes gets called in a load balanced fashion.


      not sure about this because from what i have read that clustering is one concept and loadbalancing is another concept, both are not related.


      but my main requirement is to create a clusterd nodes which doesnot need failover, but the load needs to be balanced equally . please guide me and clear my confusions.

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          ravi khandelwal Newbie

          You have to install one web server in the front end. This will acts as a loadbalancer for the jboss servers. Ip of this web server will be shared that would be unique one. All the three ip that you mentioned will be configured in this web server.

          For example-  Use Apache web server for front end and add mod_jk module. mod_jk is a software  Load balancer.

          FailOver = load balancing + session replication

          If you dont want session replication within your server, that would be only load balancing

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            G Gnanaguru Newbie

            hi ravi,


            thankyou for your kind reply, so there is no terms like cluster manager in jboss, all i have to use is a external loadbalancer or a proxy to balance the loads to the nodes.


            i have tried with the mod_jk and tested for jmx-console by changing the browser title for corresponding nodes, this worked but wasnt stciky session as i didnt configure sticky related session.


            i will try with hardware loadbalancer once this software loadbalancer can balance the load on my current application.


            meanwhile, please help me to clear confusions abot the cluster manager


            thank you