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    extendedDataTable reRender duplicate columns

    rosdorff Newbie


      I have problems rerendering rich:extendedDataTable. The table is within a h:form within a a4j:region. I gave the column, the column header output text and the cell value output text id's. In richfaces 3.2 this helped. But now in 3.3 (I upgraded) a second set of columns is generated server side, judging from the components tree printed on the facelets error page.

      Anyone has an idea?

      Is there some undocumented convention on column id naming?



      facelets error:

      duplicate Id for a component messageListForm:messageListTable:-1:idColumn

      js errors:
      elt is null
      initialize()("messageListForm:messageListTable", Object minColumnWidth=20)extended...-table.js (regel 6)
      klass()3_3_0.GA...ypeScript (regel 51)
      (?)()messages.seam (regel 439)
      [Break on this error] $(this.id).component = this;
      extended...-table.js (regel 6)

      $(this.id) is null
      [Break on this error] $(this.id).component = this;
      extended...-table.js (regel 6)

      a4j:log errors:
      error[14:34:41,661]: Error parsing XML
      error[14:34:41,662]: Parse Error: XML-parsefout: undefined entity