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    embedding rendered pages into another application

    Chris Mathrusse Newbie

      I've implemented a new WebService for our company and it is designed to be consumed by several of our applications. It is designed to perform generic work efforts and the data that is returned to the client making the request is to be rendered dynamically. The issue is that I would like to write the ui once using RichFaces, have the UI live in my WebService application, and have the other web applications consume it. Some of the applications are written using Struts and others are written in ColdFusion.


      The requirement is that the client displaying the rendered UI would need to supply a parameter to locate the correct data set and when the page is submitted by the user a value has to be returned to the calling client.


      I've seen some articles on using an iFrame but I was wondering if anyone here had implemented something similar and had any recommendations as to how to implement this type of interaction.


      Thanks for the input.

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          Roy Smith Newbie

          I use an iframe with a query_string in the URL to specify data set.




          <iframe src="subpage.xhtml?dataset=123456"/>


          then in my BackingBean constructor



          public BackingBean() {
               HttpServletRequest req = (HttpServletRequest) 
               System.out.println("dataset=" + req.getParameter("dataset"));