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    Content flows beyond the portal page boundary

    Nikhil Maheshwari Newbie



        I have been developing a portlet using Wicket framework. I am specifically using Wickets BaseTree component to create a tree like structure in my portlet.On expanding/collapsing the tree, Ajax request is fired.

      The problem I am facing is when I expand a tree node which has many child elements, the content flows out of the portlet boundaryThis behavior is very specific to JBoss Portal as the same portlet manages itself quite well when deployed on IBM Websphere portal.

      I am unable to control this behavior as to how should I trigger the portlet boundary to push down when I perform a tree expansion action.


      Any help on this would be very helpful as I have no clue as to which direction should I look for.


      Attached folder - "overflowingContent.zip" - "Recommendations" node overflows from the portlet.