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    Fine grained control over the eviction policy

    null null Newbie

      i am having a JBOSSPojoCache (3.0.0) running on an Oracle WebLogic Server 10.0MP1. The cache is local and there is no replication needed (at the moment). Everything works fine but i have different kinds of data in the cache, global data which is available for all users and user specific data.
      I would like to define different eviction policies for the different kinds of data e.g. the country information (part of the global data) should stay in the cache for one day before getting outdated. The project information also part of the global data should stay in the cache for 5 hours before getting outdated.
      The user specific data should stay in the cache for one hour.

      I have found a hint about Region based marshaling, can anyone give me a short explanation (or a link) of how i can use this for defining more specific eviction policies.