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    Problems regarding ExtendedDatatable / Reloading Data / Sorting

    Daniel Sachse Newbie

      Hey Guys,


      I'am experiencing the following problems:


      I am using the ExtendedDatatable and I am providing a Button to dynamically insert new rows. So far so good.

      I am retrieving the data from my MySql Database already ordered in a specific way.

      The problem I am focusing now is that when in the last row(the newly inserted one), a new value is inserted into the column which is sorted for and I am then doing a rerender to sort the whole table, the data is kind of mixed up.

      This problem seems to only be a visual one, because data is correctly inserted into the database.

      The second part is that i am selecting a single row and the data of this row is correctly displayed in a panel besided the table. Here only the table seems to display the old data from before sorting.

      Within another column I have got an <a4j:commandbutton> which opens up a ModalPanel. As soon as I am clicking this button, the table seems to reload the display and everything is fine.


      Applicationserver: JBoss 5.1.0

      Richfaces: 3.3.3

      JSF: 1.2


      Has anyone else experienced something similar? Has anyone filed a bug for this?

      If you need some more infos please ask.


      Thanks in advance.