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    Last value queue missing messages.

    asdsad qweqwewq Newbie

      Hello. Using HornetQ 2.1.1 FInal on JBoss AS 5.1


      I *now yes* have a concrete problem with last value queue. I dont know if its a configuration issue or a possible bug or that last value queue shouldnt be used while consuming.


      I added 200 objects with the _HQ_LVQ_NAME. =1,2,3....20 and  only 20 are on the queue. Thats OK.


      But now i add a consumer. Consume one and buffer those 20 objects (they are on delivery,use a sleep after getting the first one). Queue MessageCount=20, Queue Delivering = 20. Consumer count=1:



      Now i add 200 objects with the _HQ_LVQ_NAME = 1Hi,2Hi,3Hi...20Hi. They wont get into de queue, if i look into server's log it says-


      Error (LastValueQueue) Failed to ack old reference.

      Java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannont find add info 6455...


      <-- it seems that insertion thread crashes and message gets lost.


      Someone also having this behavieour?





      PS: in test code fix imports (Inicio = producer and Inicio_1=consumer). Change the _HQ_LVQ_NAME property after one execution so you see how different ids dont get into the queue.