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    BPMN equivalent of AssignmentHandler?

    Jamie Balling Newbie

      I am successfully using jPDL with an AssignmentHandler to programatically assign a task.


          <task name="review" >
              <assignment-handler class="mypackage.AssignBySomeRule">
                  <field name="ruleName">
                      <string value="exampleAssignmentRuleName" />
              <transition to="approval" />


      Is it possible to accomplish this with BPMN? I know there is a "resourceAssignmentExpression", but it isn't clear that this can do the same thing.


        <userTask id="myTask" name="My task">
          <potentialOwner resourceRef="manager" jbpm:type="group">


      Can the "formalExpression" invoke arbitrary java classes or does it need to use process variables to evaluate to a user or group name?