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    rich:datatable onrowclick

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      I am new user to JSF/Rich Faces and have a requirement when on rowclick of datatable in need to pass a value from selected row to another bean which does some processing and then dispaly a pop up with results.I am using pretty faces also.



      The proble is the pop is working for the first time and table onrowclick event is fired for the first time only.When i click for the second time the datatable on rowclick event is not triggered.


      The configurations are


      in the jsf page





      <pretty:link mappingId="emeaMailHistory" target="_new" >


      <f:param name="msgNo" value="#{backingBean.selectedMessage.msgNo}" ></f:param>


      <h:outputText value="#{idmsBundle.Link_history}" />





      and the datatable is defined as















      rich:dataTable id="dataTable1" rows=








      binding="#{backingBean.resultTable}" var=




      cellpadding="0" cellspacing=













      <a4j:support id="onRowClickEventId" event=








      onsubmit="changeColor(this);" ajaxSingle=











      Pretty faces Configuration









      url-mapping id="emeaMailHistory"








      <query-param name="msgNo">#{enquiryMailHistory_backing.msgNo}</query-param








      <action onPostback="true">#{enquiryMailHistory_backing.init}</action