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    Memory Problem With an Application on JBoss 5.1

    Ivan Somodjvarac Newbie

      I've been having a  strange problem running an application on JBoss 5.1 and have been trying to find  the source of it for weeks now, but haven't succeeded yet.

      I am going to try to  describe the problem so hopefully somebody will have a hint how to solve it.  Application basically accepts SOAP requests, checks some parameters in  PostgreSQL database and inserts records in Bind9 via  DNSJava.

      OS used is Solaris  10 10/09 with the latest available patch cluster at the moment of testing. Java  used is Sun JDK 1.6.0_20.
      When I start the  application and start a load test, it works fine for approximately an hour.  Garbage collector overhead is below 1% and I haven't noticed that anything in  JVM or native heap is growing (watching with JProbe). The only thing which is  growing is resident memory (RSS column) occupied by JBoss process when checking  with prstat command.

      Then, after  approximately an hour, the value in RSS column reaches the value of SIZE column  (also from prstat command) and I notice the bars in JProbe representing  occupation of JVM heap by Old Gen, Young Gen, etc jump like crazy for some time.  Then they stabilize, but now old gen fills up pretty frequently so GC is forced  to clean it also very frequently. Now GC overhead grows and after several hours  it reaches 15% - 20%. Load Test tool shows a significant performance degradation  after the first hour. Both SIZE and RSS columns in prstat continue to grow until  after 8 - 10 hours the Out Of Memory Exception is thrown. Actually not all  physical memory is occupied at that moment, but probably all the addressable  memory since I was running the tests in 32bit mode (just to reach this exception  earlier). The heap dump in moment of the crash is attached  bellow.

      What I've tried so  far to resolve this problem is changing almost every possible JVM parameter, but  there was no improvement. I tried JVM 1.6_10, 1.6_13, 1.6_18 and 1.6_20 and even  tried with OpenJDK 1.6._20 (I think this was the version), but again, nothing  changed.
      I tried to download  and compile the latest JBoss 5.1 from source, but still no  changes.

      Monitoring with  JProbe didn't show any memory leaks. I tried to check for memory leaks in native  libraries using libumem and procedure described here http://java.sun.com/javase/6/webnotes/trouble/TSG-VM/html/memleaks.html,  but couldn't find any.
      The only things  which cause some changes are switching the JBoss version and changing the OS. I  did the same load test with our application on JBoss 6.0 M3 and Solaris 10 and  this problem didn't occur. I also did the same test on JBoss 5.1 but on Ubuntu  and the problem also didn't appear. Unfortunately switching to either of those  should be avoided for other reasons.

      So does anybody  kindly have an advice for me how can I find and resolve the source of this  problem on JBoss 5.1?
      If any additional  information is necessary, just let me know.

      Bets  regards.