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    Model now updated to scribble_spec_002

    Gary Brown Master

      The model and parser have now been updated to incorporate all the notation described in the scribble_spec_002 version, with the exception of:


      (1) The 'unordered' infix '&' notation


      (2) The import syntax described in the appendix. The two types of import, for types and protocols, have been separated out so that we can enhance them as and when required, so there should be minimal impact on the model.


      The latest snapshot release has been uploaded into JBoss's Nexus (maven repo).


      There are still some areas of the model that need simplification, but hopefully the main structural aspects are now in place.


      Comments welcome.


      Next step is to update the additional validation, export, monitor, etc modules to take into account the latest model.

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          Gary Brown Master

          Two minor changes have happened:


          1) 'when' keyword has been removed from the 'choice' construct. When experimenting with the assertion notation, the 'when' keyword seemed to make the descriptions more verbose, and the keyword appeared unnecessary.


          2) The 'recur' keyword has been removed, so now just defined as a label on the block, e.g.


          Transaction: {


              choice from Seller to Buyer {

                  OrderConfirmation {



                  OutOfStock {