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    a4j:support doesn't work

    Rinuz _K Newbie

      Hi, i try to create simple selectOneMenu with using a4j:support but action method is not execute. I don't know what is wrong?

      Here is my html code:


      {code:xml}<rich:panel header="Form" id="form"><h:selectOneMenu value="First Item"><f:selectItem itemValue="First Item" itemLabel="First Item" />                        <f:selectItem itemValue="Second Item " itemLabel="Second Item" /><f:selectItem itemValue="Third Item " itemLabel="Third Item" />                        <a4j:support event="onchange" reRender="form"actionListener="#{testHolder.loadCombo}" /></h:selectOneMenu></rich:panel>{code}


      ... and seam component:


      {code}import java.util.logging.Logger;


      import javax.faces.event.ActionEvent;


      import org.jboss.seam.ScopeType;
      import org.jboss.seam.annotations.*;


      public class TestHolder {


          private static Logger log = Logger.getLogger(TestHolder.class.getName());


          public void loadCombo(ActionEvent e)