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    Standards supported by JBoss AS vs JBoss EAP

    Richard Lok Newbie



      I had not realized that JBoss AS was not the same as JBoss EAP until recently. I'm trying to determine what Java standards/specifications are supported by JBoss AS but the AS documentation doesn't have such a nice single page that lists supported specifications. So my question is, do the standards supported by JBoss EAP on the following web page link also apply to JBoss AS? or is this wishful thinking? I've tried to search the forums for an answer but couldn't find one.




      According to this post it seems like the assumption standards supported by EAP also apply to AS.





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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master


          JBossAS and JBossEAP support the same specifications.

          But JBossEAP will be more stable. It is the platform for the JBoss support and significant JIRA bugs will be fixed with cumulative patches.

          The EAP will follow more strict the JavaEE specifiaction.

          Also the JBossEAP versions might be longer maintained as JBossAS versions.


          JBossAS distribution might include new (instable) features or beta versions of upcomming changes.

          If a patch is needed for this version you have to patch the source version according to the JIRA and compile your special JBoss version.

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            Peter Johnson Master

            The "standard" configuration (that is, server/standard) in both EAP and AS conform to the Java EE specificartion, I believe that both are run against the compatibility kit.


            EAP 5 is pretty much AS 5.1.0.GA + Seam + various fixes + various config changes (security lock-down) and a lot more testing.