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    Rerender context menu on treeNode selection

    Wouter van Reeven Newbie

      Hi guys,

      We're trying to show a context menu when a user right clicks on a treeNode. The contents of the context menu depend on the type of node the user has clicked on. The right click starts an Ajax request since both ajaxSubmitSelection and rightClickSelection are true for the rich:tree in which the treeNodes are displayed.

      The only way to make the contents of the context menu be dependend on the type of node that was clicked, is to rerender the context menu when the node is selected. Rerendering the context menu, however, makes it invisible. When the same node is right clicked again, the contents of the context menu have changed correctly accordingly to the node that was selected.

      Has anyone ever encountered this situation and, more importantly, found a solution?

      Thanks in advance,

      Wouter van Reeven