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    Trouble with refresh

    Eugeny Rudenko Newbie

      I'm sorry for my bad English. I use Jboss Forums Portlet, i have trouble with refreshing. Back button doesn't work in IE8 when you add message wery offen. Step to reproduce

      1. Go to any category
      2. Go to any forum.
      3. Go to any topic.
      4. Type in Instant reply fields.
      5. Press Submit.
      6. Type in Instant reply fields.
      7. Press Submit..


      This work in Firefox and Chrome because when you click back, (onclick="history.go(-2);") IE go back an refresh page, but Firefox and Chrome not refresh.


      Why this problem,  How do I solve it? Thanks.

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          Eugeny Rudenko Newbie

          Maybe when you refresh the page call method render(RenderRequest request, RenderResponse response), and when user go to any topic call method processAction(ActionRequest request, ActionResponse response) where calls method this.setupRenderParameters(request,response); And in render doesn't call  setupRenderParameters(request,response). maybe need add  setupRenderParameters to render method. How do you think?

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            Eugeny Rudenko Newbie

            After small research forum,  I learned when yo go to topic and go back and refresh the call method execute class ViewTopic but must call method execute from class ViewForum.  But I do not know what to do.