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    Use of PriorityQueue<T> node in POJO cache

    Sheldon Bainwohl Newbie

      While I'm somewhat familiar with the JBoss Cache Core edition, I am new to the POJO edition.

      My question is straight forward. In the core edition a cache node is essentially represented by a map. In the POJO edition, the cache node may be represented by a POJO (I am aware the the POJO cache uses the core behind the scenes). Based upon the basic definition of a POJO (not a JavaBean or EJB), I would assume that the POJO cache could support a PriorityQueue node. However, based upon some preliminary work, I have not been able to attach a PriorityQueue object to a node, using the POJO cache.

      It's certainly possible that I'm doing something wrong; however, before investigating that possibility, it would be good to know the scope of POJO support, using the POJO cache.

      BTW, I'm using the following versions of software:

      - JBoss AS - 5.0.1.GA
      - JBoss Cache Core Edition - 3.0.2.GA
      - JBoss Cache POJO Edition - 3.0.0.GA

      Thanks very much in advance ... cheers.