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    Problems with Calendar and timeZone. Wrong date in October

    Andre Silva Newbie

      Hi All.


      I'm experiencing a frustrating problem with rich:calendar and timezones.

      When I try to select 2010 October 17th, it goes to 2010 October 16th!

      I saw that this can happen because the timezone. So this is my scenario:


      -- faces-config.xml



      -- my managed bean

      public class TestBean {


          private String meetingDate;
          private Locale locale = new Locale("pt", "BR");
          private TimeZone timeZone = TimeZone.getTimeZone("America/Sao_Paulo");


          public TimeZone getTimeZone() {
              return timeZone;


          public Locale getLocale() {
               return locale;


          public String getMeetingDate() {
              return meetingDate;


          public void setMeetingDate(String meetingDate) {
              this.meetingDate = meetingDate;




      -- JSP file

      <rich:calendar  value="#{testBean.meetingDate}" timeZone="#{testBean.timeZone}"  locale="#{testBean.testLocale}" datePattern="dd/MM/yyyy">
                               <f:convertDateTime  timeZone="#{testBean.timeZone}" locale="#{testBean.locale}"  pattern="dd/MM/yyyy" />


      Any idea on what can be causing this problem ?