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    Experiences with Arquillian for integration testing GateIn?

    Michael Schuetz Novice



      I wonder what the best way  to integration test GateIn might be.




      1) technical

           a) Start Container

           b) check whether expexcted portal is available

           c) check whether expexcted portlet is available

           d) bind/unbind portlet


      2) domain specific

           a) go to portal

           b) login

           c) enter specific site

           d) enter specific portlet and click form submit button

           e) logoff


      The usual suspects might be Cactus, Cargo, Selenium, JSFUnit (HTMLUnit).


      I would love to not be required on using both Cactus and Cargo and to use Arquillian instead. So how are your experiences with that nice new framework?


      I read this post in Arquillian forum: http://community.jboss.org/message/550659#550659


      But i do need help: What is already possible with Arquillian in GateIn context, and what's not? And what's targeted?


      Really appreciate your experiences in combining Arquillian with GateIn.


      I would prefer to use JSFUnit with Arquillian to be able to test above requirements.


      Anyway, is it is possible (with normal afford) to use Selenium in GateIn context?



      Thanks for any help