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    Slow downloads via browsers quick via wget

    jasper floor Newbie

      We recently migrated from tomcat to jboss. Since then we have had problems downloading from our server. The initial speed is fine but it collapses to about 2 kbps and sticks there forever. This problem occurs in all browsers (IE, FF, Opera and Chrome). The same download via wget does not have the same problem.


      The downloads are either XML or CSV, basically just text. They are (preferably) saved to a file as XML processing is too intensive for large files.


      The same problem has been noted with simplexml_load_file which is a php problem.


      We have conflicting reports about curl usage.


      wget is always fast.


      We don't at this time know why wget is fast and the other methods aren't. wget is a simpler mechanism of course so it is quite possible there is some fancy trick being done by all these other methods. Obvioulsy one that isn't applicable in our case if that is the problem.