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    RequestDispatcher injection

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      A quick question about the user guide ; how do we do to declare injection dependencies in Service classes, extension components and session providers?. I am running my GWT web apps on glassfish application server. When deploying the project I can see the RequestDispatcher reference (in my logs) and i would like to invoke its methods (MessageBuilder.createMessage().toSubject("HelloWorldClient") ... ) from an EJB. Is that actually possible ?



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          We don't currently have generic EJB integration of any kind.  Although we are working on integration with Seam 3. 


          However, you can bind ErraiService to JNDI by adding following to your ErraiService.properties:




          Then you can look-up the service from your EJBs with:


          ErraiService svc = new InitialContext().lookup("java:/ErraiService");


          You can access the MessageBus by: svc.getBus(); and the dispatcher with: svc.getConfiguration().getRequestDispatcher();


          Note: you will need to use SVN trunk to access these features.  These features with be publicly released in Errai 1.1 in a few weeks.