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    Setting docBase for an war deployment

    Zemian Deng Apprentice



      I see some old documentations on describing how to setup and deploy an webapp that points to external dobBase path (mostly for serving static content for example) using the Context element in server.xml or Context.xml file. But in JBoss5.1 that is no longer valid (server.xml is parse by JAXB that no longer accept Context element). What is the proper way to set this in JBoss5.1 now?


      I see that org.jboss.web.tomcat.service.deployers.TomcatPloyment is forcing docBase to be from the warFile variable. But before that it can be overwrite by the deployment unit attachment. Is this configurable by user? In another, how would I able to deploy an single web application that use explicit docBase outside of the server deploy directory?