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    Apache + JBoss 5 usage

    J J Newbie

      Hello All,

      Background: We need a setup where one Apache acts as a Web Server to multiple JBoss 5.1.0.GA server configurations started with -c option.

      I have followed the recommendations I read in this forum and the following wiki (and I think also mentioned in a JBoss manual):



      My questions were the following:

      1) As far as I have read, this is the recommended way to go if we want to use Apache with JBoss. Is that correct?


      2) This setup is mostly discussed in terms of load balancing. I dont need load balancing, so I have configured my workersurimap as below. Is this a good way?


      3) Things seem to work without the 'jvmRoute' attribute specified in server.xml. Is this attribute only necessary for load balancing? I assume since the JBoss apps are started with -c , each is on it's own JVM with Tomcat listening at a unique AJP port?


      Please let me know. Thanks.







      worker.worker1.port = xxxx
      worker.worker1.host= localhost


      worker.worker2.port = xxxy
      worker.worker2.host= localhost