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    WS-Security usernameToken

    Angelo Pellegrinon Newbie

      Hi to all.

      I'm new to jboss and jee.


      I realized one ejb3 and a webservice (another ejb) to communicate with it from a php page.

      I deployed it and all is good! GREAT.


      Now I need to authenticate this webservice (I don't whant that all the world can use it).


      What do you think about the "yahoo api webservice auth" mechanism? Is it possible to have something similar in jboss?


      I searched about WS-Security and found usernameToken auth, but how can I implement it??

      I Can't find one good tutorial, and I surfed the net all day long. Do you know one good tutorial?


      Are there some other auth mechanisms? Forget about basic authentication, i must have as security as possible.

      I'm using jboss AS 5.1.0.


      Remember that i need to call the webservice from php and I have a class for Ws-Security (from phpClasses).


      Thanks in advance and sorry for my English!