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    Accessing JSPs from outside the deployment

    J J Newbie

      Hi All, I have read some post regarding accessing files from outside deployments in jBoss. I had a more complex case, I was wondering someone could help suggest something for.


      I am in JBoss 5.1.0 GA with Apache on the front. I have gone through the mod_Jk setup and have JKMounts to forward JSPs to jBoss. There is a DirectoryRoot directive also defined in my Apache VirtualHosts file.


      In my web.xml in the application, I have a mapping to say, any jsp, map it to abc.jsp. Internally abc.jsp has logic to see where to pick the correct jsp from.


      Problem is, all these JSPs including abc.jsp reside in a directory outside the app deployment. So far, I have needed to use the allowlink property of Tomcat, along with adding symlinks for the DirectoryRoot and explicitely abc.jsp.


      1) I was wondering if there is a better way of doing this, by getting rid of the symlinks. I read somewhere that virtual mapping was allowed in JBoss, then I read somewhere else, this was removed from JBoss 5+. Is that true?

      2) What other suggestions, or ideas are available?