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    How to model data to be stored in JBoss Cache

    Sanjit Mohanty Newbie


      I understand JBoss cache internally stores data in a map i.e. in a key-value pair.
      So, incase i need to search for a data in the cache, i need to pass the key and i can retrieve the value.


      But what if, i need to retrieve key based on value!


      To clarify more on this, following is an example:


      Consider i want to store empId, deptId in JBoss cache.
          empId = unique employee ID
          deptId = department ID. A particular employee can be associated to multiple departments.


      I want to do following 2 things:
      (1) Get the deptIds based on an empId
      (2) Get the empIds based on a deptId


      Now, if i make empId as key & store deptId as it's value, then i can achieve (1) without any issues but it will be a problem for (2) because i need to do a full traversal of values, which is in-efficient!


      How should i model my data in this scenario?


      Thanks In advance!