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    Searching Content in File System Connector

    Simon Gunzenreiner Newbie

      I was trying out the File System Connector, in particular the full text search capability. With a structure like

      • workspace1
        • dir1
          • test1.txt
            • foo
        • dir2
          • test2.txt
            • bar


      and a query like this:

      SELECT * FROM [mode:resource] WHERE CONTAINS(*, 'bar')


      I get the following nodes:



      .. but was expecting only the node at /dir2/test2.txt/jcr:content.


      Also, I was trying to get the search result score from the row object, and got a javax.jcr.UnsupportedRepositoryOperationException.


      Is this the correct behaviour?


      Best regards,



      PS: Looking forward to the 2.1 release.