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    Bug in run.conf.bat 88820 2009-05-13

    Harry Levinson Newbie

      The run.conf.bat in 5.1.0.GA has a bug in it, at least as it relates to running the JBoss server on Windows XP as a service.


      The id at top of the file is


      $Id: run.conf.bat 88820 2009-05-13 15:25:44Z dimitris@jboss.org $


      The bug is that the code to set the JAVA_HOME directory gets skipped when the first executable line in the file is hit:


          if not "x%JAVA_OPTS%" == "x" goto JAVA_OPTS_SET



      Note that the line to set JAVA_HOME occurs after this line and in some cases will not be executed.


      Then when you start as a service in Windows XP, you will see an error message at the top of the run.log file that JAVA_HOME was not set.