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    Change Smooks compatible example to JBoss ESB compatiable example?

    Rocky S Master

      This smooks configuration runs in standalone programs-


      <smooks-resource-list xmlns="http://www.milyn.org/xsd/smooks-1.1.xsd"
          <jms:router routeOnElement="order-item" beanId="orderItem_xml" destination="queue.orderItems" />
          <ftl:freemarker applyOnElement="order-item">
                  <!-- Bind the templating result into the bean context, from where
                       it can be accessed by the JMSRouter (configured above). -->
                  <ftl:bindTo id="orderItem_xml"/>



      I am planning to move this example to JBoss esb. Can some one highlight how it will look like in JBoss ESB smooks config file?