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    jBPM 4.4 How can I activate the 'inactive-concurrent-root'

    Kevin Moodley Newbie

      How can I make the inactive-concurrent-root the active execution?


      This is a variation of my earlier question about how to deal with forks and joins when or more of the forks transistions to an error state and the join is therefore never reached.


      When the process enters the fork, the state of the root execution is set to 'inactive-concurrent-root'. It only becomes active again after the join. If the join is never reached, (because one of the legs of the fork transitioned to error), the root execution never becomes active again.


      Is there a way to force the inactive-concurrent-root to become the active execution?

      Or is there a way to force the process to get to the join even if there was an error on one of the nodes leaving the fork?