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    Envers is hiding exceptions

    Rafael Viana Newbie



      I experienced a strange problem that Hibernate isn't saving/updating/deleting sometimes.Then, I discovered that was occuring an error saving the Enver's revision entity.However, this exception wasn't throwed.


      Steps to reproduce the problem (throw any exception):


      For example:


      Create a not-null column in any table:

      When you'll try to save, the exception is throwed:

      Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Field 'code' doesn't have a default value


      Drop this column and create a not-null column in the audited table:

      When you'll try to save, none exception is throwed, but when you find the register in database.

      It wasn't there and none exception was throwed...


      But, when using a profiler I can see:

      INSERT INTO table ...

      INSERT INTO rev_info ..

      INSERT INTO table_AUD...

      ERROR: Field 'code' doesn't have a default value

      ERROR: Could not synchronize database state with session

      rollback transaction //with the rollback the register wasn't saved

      Eexception calling user Synchronization: Could not execute JDBC batch updateorg.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: Could not execute JDBC batch update

      commit transaction //in the end the transaction is commited and says to my customer: yes your register was saved.... but it wasn't


      Is there any to throw an exception with any error in Envers?