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    MBean for Cache inside Web Application

    Stephan Naecker Newbie



      I have a problem implementing a small MBean for the caching inside my web application. I decided to use JCS for caching but it does not offer any kind of admin page for things like monitoring or cache invalidation. So I wrote a small MBean providing the missing features. Now I would like to deploy the MBean but I cannot find a satisfying way.


      So far I have got my web application to deploy and that 's it. I don't really want to deploy an additional SAR and I don't really want to put my WAR inside an EAR.


      I cannot believe that there is no way to let a web application provide some kind of JMX interface. Can anybody help me? I guess I would take a "but you have to...", too.





      PS: By the way, I'm using JBoss AS 6.0.