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    Jboss JSF2 deploy problem

    Vlade Maksimovic Newbie

      Hello in my application I using JSF2.0.3, when I deploy application on Jboss(In my case Jboss 6M2)  my application is initialized with JSF 2.0.2 which came with Jboss 6M2.


      How to force Jboss to use JSF from my WEB-INF/lib folder?


      I try with:




      but this is not working.

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          Zemian Deng Apprentice

          By default the ClassLoader for WebApp is to load the jars in your WEB-INF/lib first. So if you have JSF2.03 there, will override those comes with server. Just use the class as you described. Were you having errors? How did you verify you are not using the right version of jars?

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            Vlade Maksimovic Newbie

            When I copy application and run jboss, I got exceprion cased by:


            09:47:32,293 ERROR [[/ccms]] Exception sending context initialized event to listener instance of class com.sun.faces.config.ConfigureListener: java.lang.ClassCastException: com.sun.faces.config.WebConfiguration cannot be cast to com.sun.faces.config.WebConfiguration


            class WebConfiguration is from jsf-impl.jar


            not using the good jsf-impl.jar


            Application works OK on tomcat, but I must deploy application on Jboss. If I remove my jsf jars from library, everyting works, but I can not remove my application dependencies. I can not delete them due to tomcat.