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    jboss portal 2.6.8 CMS lock

    Ele Ekbe Newbie

      I have been using jboss-portal 2.6.8 in production for a while.


      Performance is really good except for when savings are made to the CMS.

      (I'm using the default Jackrabbit CMS that comes with jboss-portal.2.6.8)


      The problem is if I save/writes something to the CMS then no other read thread can access CMS contents. Because a lock are made on the whole CMS repository!

      For example if Adam alters adam.text which resides in the CMS, then Nick can't receive a http page which contains nick.txt which also resides in the CMS.


      So Nick will have to wait for his request to be processed until the write process to adam.txt is done and the lock is released!


      I have started from the default configuration, and wonder how I can change the behavior so that write locks are only made to affected files/rows and not the whole CMS?!




      I even tried with changing the "NodeLockingScheme" to OPTIMISTIC for mbean "org.jboss.cache.TreeCache" in

      But still the problem is there!
      /thanks in regards, from a java developer