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    Tabpanel switchType="client" - reRender ignored

    Rene Gritsch Newbie



      we have changed our tabpanels / tab to switchType="client" from ajax because of performance issues.


      But i still need 2 thing.


           1.) I need to know the selectedTab on the server. With ajax it was no problem with the

               <rich:tabPanel id="ID58EDF4C8" selectedTab="#{tabController.....}" switchType="ajax">


               With switchType client i´ve tried different things to iniate a ajax request to set the new tab while clicking, but i had no luck.

               Has someone an idea?


           2.) I need the reRender a part of page, because our button bar at the bottom of the page could be different for each tab.

               With switchType ajax no problem, i just added the reRender="...." for each <rich:tab ...

                But for switchType client the reRender is ignored.


      What possibilities do i have ?

      Thnx in advance, René

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          1) add a4j:support on event ontabchange - it will rise request every time when new tab activated

          2) use the same ontabchange or onenter on tab in order to call some JS function  which will make changes. If the changes requires some server side data - also use support.

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            Rene Gritsch Newbie

            Thnx ! Used the wrong event before ;-(


            reRender works fine now, but i´ve still the problem to set the current selected tab


            <rich:tabPanel id="ID58EDF4C8" switchType="client">
                    <a4j:support event="ontabchange"  action="#{tabController.setCurrentTabName('test')}" reRender="modelView" />


            the action isn´t executed.

            Anyway how do i get the selected tab ? Should i add such an support to each <rich:tab or ?

            By the way, tabController has the Conversation scope but i think in that case this is not relevant


            Thnx for your fast response in advance!


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              Rene Gritsch Newbie

              Uups solved it by adding immediate="true".


              Sorry ;-) Thank you for you help.


              But i have another question, which belongs to seam forum i think, but we had big performance problems

              with nested <s:fragment .. (now 0,5sec before with fragment 10sec)

              We solved the isse with using <c:if (but thats not working for facelets grr ;-)) because this tag is not an UiComponent like the fragment which walks through its ui component tree again and again.


              What i wanted to ask is, i found nothing about this in the forums or internet .. is that an known issue or a bug of our "architecture" ?
              We have quite big generated JSF/Richfaces pages, with dynamic modalpanels and so on.


              thnx René