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    live-backup recover on filesystems with different block sizes

    ben greenway Newbie

      I have ran a live backup pair for over a month, and attempted various failover scenarios.  This is all within a local development environment.


      We deployed to a uat environment, with the live and backup instances running on two seperate machines.


      The following occured:


      live data synched to backup

      backup started

      live started


      System functions.


      Kill live


      Messages flow


      So now we are running with just  a backup, and pushed more messages through.


      Then shutdown backup, copy data directory back to live, and restart process.


      This always worked in my dev environment, but in the uat environment, live would not start.


      The message: Invalid read! The system couldn't read the entire file into memory was found in the logs.


      Invesitgating the filesystems, it appears that one of the machines is using 4k blocksizes, and the other 8k block sizes.

      Is this likely to be the issue, and is there a way around it?