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    How can i access my seam application component into my esb application?

    sathish avunoori Newbie

      Hi to all,

      i am new to this jbossESB . i just ran some of the quickstarts of jbossESB distribution successfully.


      and i have a requirement like "transform_XML2POJO" quickstart, that means in transform_XML2POJO quickstart java beans are created inside the ESB application to map xml data to java objects(like customer,orderHeader,orderItem in org.jboss.soa.esb.dvdstore package).

      but for me ,


      I have created those java beans in my seam application and i want to use those java bean classes in my esb application when transformation happened using smooks framework, means i want to use my seam application components in smooks configuration file to map xml data to my java objects.


      Can any one guide me how can  i access those seam components in my esb application?


      thanks in advance

      sathish avunoori