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    Loadin process definition from jboss directory.

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      I'm working on a java ear witch contains process definition in /jbpm.


      We want to move those process definition in <JBOSS>/server/conf/foo/.


      this application uses Spring and we already move some parts of the applicationContext.xml in <JBOSS>/server/conf/foo/ using :


      <import resource="classpath*:**/foo/jbpmContext.xml" />


      But when we try to do the same with process defintion using


      <bean id="workflow" class="org.springmodules.workflow.jbpm31.definition.ProcessDefinitionFactoryBean" >
              <property name="definitionLocation"
                  value="classpath*:**/foo/workflow.xml" />



      we got a FileNotFoundException...


      Is there any way to get this case working ?