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    Problem with HA Singleton deployer service

    Joydeep Sarkar Newbie



      I am using the HA-Singleton using deployer service. The problem that I am facing is with looking up the server from the client.

      I have deployed the ear into deploy-hasingleton of two servers, and the master-slave is achieved. But the problem is when the master is down, I can not look up the back up server. I am doing a JNDI lookup.

      I would like to specify that when I use jnp://server1:1099,jnp://server2:1099, from a standalone client, the lookup is successful. But the same is not working while the same is done from another deployment.


      Is there any configuration by which I can make each server aware of other server?

      I am using JBoss5.1.0.GA.