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    MessageCounterInfo.getDepth() does not include paged messages

    Lou Bershad Newbie

      I would like to be able to know how many messages are pending in a queue.  MessageCounterInfo.getDepth() gives me the answer as long as none of the messages have been paged to the paging directory.  If there are messages in the paging directory, then they are not counted.  At the moment I have 230 paging files and growing, but getDepth() returns returns 14.


      Is this the intended behavior?  It doesn't seem right to me.  If it isn't, I'll file a bug.  If it is, I'll file an enhancement to add a getFullDepth() and getFullDepthDelta() to MessageCounterInfo.


      (Note: the reason that I page after 14 messages is that I have set my large message size high in order to force paging)

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          Clebert Suconic Master

          We should put that on a FAQ.


          Paged Messages are paged before they enter the queue. It's like caching the producer in a file at the server, and only processing the messages when the queue is consumed.


          You can choose by either block or page.


          There is a feature request to provide a counter at the address level.


          And there's another feature request to page messages to disk at the queue level when dealing with slow consumers. (like subscriptions on topics).



          At the moment you can get the NumberOfPages at the Address Level through management. Each page has a configured size.. so you can have an idea of how many messages are sitting on paging case the server is in page mode.