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    Markos Fragkakis Newbie



      I have a table ot persons, and I want to use rich:contextMenu with the rich:componentControl.


      Say that I pass the personId parameter like this:



      <rich:componentControl event="onclick" for="menu" operation="show" >
           <f:param value="#{person.personId}" name="personId"/>


      Now, from a rich:contextMenu item I want to call an action that will fetch the person from the DB and reRender a rich:panel


      <rich:menuItem ajaxSingle="true" action="#{myBean.personMap[personId] = true}" reRender="anIdPrefix{personId}">
          <h:outputText value="Expand Person {personId}" />


      The action of clicking the menuItem is to change a value in a map to true, and then reRender a component.


      Normally, I would use microsubstitutions fo "resolve" the personId variable inside the rich:menuitem. Normally this is resolved by putting it inside curly brackets, like this: {personId}.


      However, I want to execute an action, and that requires an EL expression, which somehow messes up things. Possibly because the EL expression requires its own brackets.


      Any idea how I should invoke the action with the personId as a parameter?