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    JBossWS-Native bugs when implementing Provider endpoint

    Ray Cardillo Newbie

      After spending more time than I thought should have been necessary to port some services from JBossWS-Metro 3.3.1 to JBossWS-Native 3.3.1 (because we want to experiment with security features of Native stack) I found several issues, and a few bugs.  Perhaps these bugs are related to the fact that we're using a Provider endpoint, but that's part of the JAX-WS specification, so I wouldn't have expected any problems.  Can someone who's intimately familiar with the details of the implementation give these a quick review?  I know this is a bit backwards (creating an issue first and then going to the forums) but they seemed like obvious bugs once I got into tracing log outputs and in some cases full debugging sessions.  If I knew the code better I would try to contribute a fix myself, but it gets quite hairy in this area with all the dynamic loading, JAX-WS integration, etc.



      WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR when accessing SOAPMessage DOM using WebServiceProvider and Provider<SOAPMessage>:




      NullPointerException if SOAPMessage Provider endpoint returns null to indicate a one way MEP: