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    Graph Validator error message handling

    Ashok Kumar Newbie

      Validation failure from a property in a bean made available to the GraphValidator through the 'value' attribute is written to a <rich:messages> control. <rich:messages> does not seem to deliver the error message when the 'for' attribute is used to specify the id of a composite jsf control that is being validated. In other words, the <rich:messages> tag has to be declared without the 'for'. This then means that there cannot be more than 1 such tag in a page.

      How do I handle the situation when there are multiple GraphValidator tags being used in the same page. In such a situation it would be nice to deliver the error messages to their respective <rich:messages> tags instead of to a single page level tag

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          you could specify limittolist=true at the component which fires validation. Then rich:messages components should be updated via reRender also and will not be shown automatically. So you'll be able to update only needed messages components.

          Also play with regions in order to get only parts of pages to be processed/validated in order to get messages populated only for some subset of components.