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    Application deployment in a cluster

    Roman K. Newbie

      I am trying to find a recommended  best practices for doing application deployment in a clustered  environment. The application is an EAR with WAR and EJB JAR content that  needs to be deployed on a cluster of 2-6 machines. The documentation  describes farming deployment in JBoss EAP 5.0.1 and looks like JON 2.4  does have an option ot use it (there is a radio button on the deployment  page). However I am concerned about using this in production system  where I need high degree of availability, session failover and server  stability. In the past v4.x farmed deployment was not recommended for  production. Are there any issues to be aware of when using farmed  deployment in production system with JON 2.4 and EAP 5.0.1?


      1) Is farmed deployment the best way to do production deployment with JON/JBoss EAP?


      2) If not, how would I deploy my application in a production cluster?


      Unfortunately wiki pages and docs on farming are lacking clarity on this issue.




      PS. I originally posted this under JON forum, but I think this question is more appropriate in the clustering forum.