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    How does JBoss Cache perform with high number (15-20) of rep

    Sourav Mazumder Newbie


      Has anyone so far used JBoss Cache with high number of jvm instances like 15-20 ?

      We are planning to use jboss cache with replication (asynch or synch) for 15 - 20 jvm instances.

      There is a scenario where new data would be created every day during first time login of the users at the start of the day. That point of time every jvm instance would get new data and would try to replicate it to others - that way giving rise to a situation like 15x15 replications. Just wondering how much CPU cycles would be consumed in marshaling/unmarshaling as well as the n/w bandwidth.

      The data size won't be much high - around 1KB per data getting replicated in other instances. However, in a second 20-25 such data would get created.

      Any insight/input in this regard is appreciated.