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    JMS Message overhead

    Daniel Spiess Newbie



      I've been tasked with determining how much overhead (bytes sent in addition to the actual message) is added to each JMS message in JBoss and I'm not sure how to proceed.


      Can anyone point me to any of the following?


      1) How to determine the JMS overhead?

      2) An article discussing the JMS overhead

      3) A thread discussing what is added to each message

      4) Anything that can direct me to a number or a way to calculate the number



      DJ Spiess

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          Daniel Spiess Newbie

          So I ended up placing a packet sniffer between two computers.  Here's my results.  If this sounds out of whack, let me know.


          The entire conversation (connection, message, closing, etc) was 3551 bytes.

          A single bytes message with a 0 (zero) as a message was 320 bytes.


          There were a few attributes we need to pass, so the 320 bytes might be slightly higher or lower than what you have, depending on what you're adding to the header.


          Hope this helps someone.